Bridging Europe and Asia. Along the Silk Road – Gebrüder Weiss positions itself as an expert in transport and logistics solutions between Europe and Asia.

The revival of the former Silk Road as a transport route between China and Europe: Gebrüder Weiss has been pursuing this strategy for many years, using land, air and sea routes. Under the motto ‘Bridging Europe and Asia. Along the Silk Road’, the international transport and logistics company now provides information about its entire range of services from Istanbul via Teheran and Ashgabat to Shanghai. "The network between Europe and Asia is becoming increasingly important for our customers. This is why we are also investing in local services and personnel in the Central Asian markets," says Wolfgang Niessner, CEO of Gebrüder Weiss.

"We follow the customer"
In the coming years, economic growth in Central Asia should benefit above all from the Chinese infrastructure initiative "One Belt, One Road". This also creates attractive new sales markets for European export companies. In order to reach the regions efficiently, Gebrüder Weiss offers not only transport services via transcontinental air and sea routes, but also intermodal solutions to China and groupage freight services to the Caucasus and Iran. With its own branches in Georgia, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan and China, the logistics expert ensures consistently high standards of quality locally. "We are a logistics partner and provide our customers with the necessary structures to ensure that the flow of goods into these regions takes place smoothly," says Wolfgang Niessner. For further information about the Gebrüder Weiss "Silk Road", visit: